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Welcome to Emmanuel Bible Camp

At Emmanuel Bible Camp we have a wide variety of camps for all ages. Find the best one for you!


ENERGY-PACKED SUMMER CAMP FUN. Adventure awaits! Games, activities and a whole lot of laughter in a safe, caring, Christ-centered environment.
Children 8-9 years
Children 10-11 years
Children 11-12 years


KNOW THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE. Teen camps crank everything up a notch or two with spontaneous fun, powerful messages, wild games and mouth-watering food! An amazing week you will never forget.
Junior Teen 13-14 years
Senior Teen 15-19 years


SPEND TIME WITH THOSE YOU LOVE MOST. Mark your calendar for a hassle-free vacation for the entire family. No meals to cook or pressure from work. Disconnect from “real life” and enjoy a week of relaxation, fun, and togetherness. For all ages!


This kid-free, long weekend retreat is the perfect occasion to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, to reconnect with friends, and most of to grow closer to God through His word. Must have graduated high school to attend.

A good time to grow, step out, and be challenged with truth found in God’s word. A guys-only weekend full of man challenges, man meals and other manly things. Ages 18+

A fun, relaxing, girls-only weekend away from daily routine. An opportunity to recharge, laugh with the girls, and connect with God. Ages 18+


Registration will take place online for the 2022 season.

The fee of $195 will be charged automatically to your credit card at the time of registration.

If the child is unable to attend camp and the registration has to be cancelled, we will keep the non-refundable $50 registration fee and the balance will be refunded to the credit card that was used at the time of registration.

If you need help registering or if you have any questions at all, let us know!

Dates & Rates

#1 Ladies' Retreat (18+) July 1 - 3 $60.00
#2 Camp 8-9 yrs July 10 - 15 $195.00
#3 Camp 10-11 yrs July 17 - 22 $195.00
#4 Camp 11-12 yrs July 24 - 29 $195.00
#5 Junior Teen 13-14 yrs July 31 - August 5 $195.00
#6 Family Camp August 7 - August 12 Adults & Teens - $195.00
Ages 6-12 - $70.00
Ages 5 and under - Free
Max Family Rate: $640.00
#7 College & Career Retreat August 19 - August 21 $60.00
#8 Senior Teen 15-19 yrs August 21 - 26 $195.00
#9 Men's Retreat (18+) Sept. 9 - Sept. 11 $60.00

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Discounts Available for Large Families:

Up to three children (1-3) = Full Price ($195 each)
Each additional child (4+) = Half Price ($97.50 each)
A $50 registration fee must be paid for each child. Any available discounts will be applied after registration.

Age Discrepancy:

Campers often request to attend camps other than the age allotment.

ie. "I'm 14 but will be 15 in September, may I attend Senior Teens?"

To best serve the interests of campers and registration, if the camper turns the appropriate age within the calendar year this would be acceptable.

The camper CAN NOT be OLDER than the camp they are attending.

Tax Receipts

If you are looking for a tax receipt, you can get it here.

What to bring:

**Please Note: Label all your belongings to avoid loss.

✪ Bible/Notebook/Pen
✪ Swimming Suit
✪ Towels
✪ Wash Cloth
✪ Sleeping bag and Pillow with a warm blanket
✪ Soap, Shampoo
✪ Pajamas
✪ Sunscreen/Bug Spray
✪ Changes of clothes (enough for the week)
✪ Clothes for warm days, cold days, wet days, dirty days.
✪ Sneakers/sandals/rubber boots
✪ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
✪ Ball cap/Sun hat
✪ Flashlight

What not to bring:

x Cell Phones, iPods, Handheld Games
x Matches, lighters, aerosol spray
x Money
x Two piece bathing suits
x Mini Skirts
x Short shorts (above your finger tips when standing straight)
x Tops with spaghetti straps
x Tube tops
x Short shirts that reveal the midriff

Dress Code:

The Camp wishes to promote an atmosphere of respect and modesty. Campers and Staff are expected to wear appropriate clothing at Camp. Clothing that will be considered inappropriate includes spaghetti straps, halter tops, short shorts, tube tops, shirts that reveal the waist, two-piece swimsuits and skin-tight clothing. Camp clothing MUST NOT depict messages, whether written or picture form, which are profane, demeaning or promote illegal or immoral activity or promote the use of alcohol or drugs. Guys must wear shirts at all times (except swimming), girls are not to wear their sleepwear beyond the bathroom, and no underwear is to be showing on guys or girls. The dress code will be strictly adhered to. The Camp Management reserves the right to define the term "inappropriate" Campers and Staff who do not comply will be required to change into appropriate clothing.

Important Notes:

* All week-long camp periods end Friday afternoons at 3 pm.
* Register early as accommodations are limited.
* You will receive written confirmation of space allocation.
* Trailer hook-ups are available for Family Camp.
* No perfume/deodorant aerosol cans allowed.
* Campers are not permitted to leave the grounds without permission of camp director.
* Alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, CD/tape or mp3 players are not allowed on the grounds.
* Smoking or Vaping is not permitted by campers or staff.

Still have Questions?


Best camp food around!

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, you can request a menu at

Each camper is responsible for bringing their own substitutions if they are unable to eat something on the menu.

Please call 902-213-7041 if you have any questions.