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Camp will be OPEN for 2022 camp season!

Registration will open April 2022

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With exciting, energetic camps for kids ages 8 and up, Camp is the place where great childhood memories are made. Don’t miss out on this year’s camp season!

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Registration will begin at
3:00pm on Sunday.

Pick up is between
3:00-4:00 on Friday.

Tax Receipts

If you qualify to claim your child's week at camp on your tax return, you can access your tax receipt from the camp's registration system.

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We plan to operate Emmanuel Bible Camp the way it was before COVID restrictions were put in place. This means we will be returning to overnight camps and the capacity for each camp will be 40 girls and 40 boys.

It's important to note that we will follow the CPHO guidelines for the camp season, so at any time changes may be made to scheduling and how the camp will run. Please keep this in mind.

Registration is opening on April 10th at 2:00PM AST for Kids camps and retreats and April 10th at 8:30PM for Family camp.



Keep up-to-date year round with EBC on our Facebook Page: facebook.com/emmanuelbiblecamp

Have Questions? registrations@emmanuelbiblecamp.com.